Reese's Rounds

Packaging and sales support material for the UK's first real peanut butter biscuit, Reese's Rounds.

  • Client
    The Hershey Company / Lightbody Ventures
  • Date
    June 2018
  • Key Responsibilities
    Logo Development
    Concept Visualisation
    Packaging Design
    Sales Support Material
    Licensor Approvals

Lightbody Ventures (LBV) launched Reese's Rounds under license back in October 2016, extending the Reese's brand into the UK biscuit market. Reese's Rounds were the first biscuit to be launched in the UK using real peanut butter so we were sure to call out this USP on pack.

I created the "Rounds" sub-logo and designed the packaging to brand guidelines. Packaging approvals with the Hershey Company were also managed through me.

In 2018 the biscuit was redeveloped, changing from a vanilla biscuit base to a cocoa base. This was the perfect time for a packaging refresh and as with the 2016 launch I managed the design and licensor approval of all packaging and sales support material.

I also managed product photography, from styling the biscuits and taking the inital images to re-touching and composing the final image for packaging.