Disney Kitchen Toddler

A new packaging direction for Disney branded toddler snacks.

  • Client
    Disney / Lightbody Ventures
  • Date
    January 2018
  • Key Responsibilities
    Brand Development
    Concept Visualisation
    Packaging Design
    Sales Support Material
    Website Design
    Licensor Approvals

The Disney Kitchen (DK) brand was rolled out across all Disney’s UK food products throughout 2018 as they repositioned themselves as a more health conscious option for parents. The majority of DK products are co-branded with the brand trust for consumers coming from the co-brand.

As Lightbody Venture's range was solely Disney Kitcen, we had to consider the whole brand experience that Disney Kitchen could provide, creating the "Toddler Promise" and "Always Tasty" promise to build trust with parents and included more consumer friendly call outs on packaging.

For the packaging Disney specified the banner design and placement, and character art but otherwise I was given free reign to come up with a fresh new design route. Inspired by the softer, watercolour feel of the character, I used a rough paper texture in the background and included natural elements like the wooden sign lockup. This helped project the healthiness of the products but the colours still excited toddlers and parents alike.

I created ingredient illustrations, managed all product photography from taking the images to final editing, and took concepts to market research to validate the design.