Eat Me

An everyday treat without the guilt! Fictional concept packaging design for low calorie biscuits, looking to bring the 'Halo Top effect' to the biscuit category.

  • Client
    Personal Project
  • Date
    December 2019
  • Key Responsibilities
    Concept Visualisation
    Packaging Design

“Eat Me” is inspired by times when you open a packet of biscuits and somehow ten seconds later they’re all gone. Then along with that happy snacking feeling, comes the guilt of consuming a days worth of calories in less than 10 minutes.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Bringing the “Halo Top effect” to the biscuit aisle, Eat Me want you to treat yourself. With delicious flavours, bright & bold packaging, messages of encouragement stamped into the biscuits themselves, and at only 280 calories a box, these biscuits are just begging you to eat them.

Eat Me are an everyday treat, just for you. Grab a cup of tea, stick the telly on and indulge guilt free!

The aim of Eat Me is to appeal to people (predominantly females) who are looking for a low calorie, everyday treat. With this in mind I wanted the logotype to be fun and flirty and the bold and curvaceous display type “Primot” fit the bill perfectly.

One of the USP’s of this product is the encouraging messages stamped into the biscuit. To best showcase this (and the filling) I used larger than life product imagery on pack. Finally, using a candy/ice cream inspired colour palette reinforces the idea of “treat yourself” and increases shelf stand-out.